Why the Skullz?

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Why the Skullz?

While the idea using skull molds to cast dumbbells and barbells was at first a quick solution to making our own equipment to work out during quarantine, they developed a deeper meaning to us.

I HATE RUNNING. So if you ever see me running, you had better run faster, because I'm running from something bad! 

This may sound morbid, but the few times I do go for a run, I enjoy running through cemeteries. I browse the dates of all the headstones and meditate on the fact that while their work on earth has ended, for whatever undeserved reason, God gave me the opportunity to continue fulfilling a pre-planned purpose. I leave the cemetery with a unique sense of gratitude, which manifests more energy than any hardcore pre-workout.

Every time I pick up my Skullbellz™ dumbbells, I am reminded of all the people who did not make it to today. Who can no longer pursue their dreams with passion. Who, tragically, will never again experience the divine satisfaction...

of sore biceps.