Skullbellz Signature Dumbbells

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The original American-made skull-shaped dumbbells.

Our carefully-engineered SkullPump™ weight distribution proves to be ideal for the individual who wants a full-body workout and desires to UPGRADE from traditional free-weights.

The user will experience this effect the most with higher activation of the small bicep head (used primary for arm supenation), when performing bicep curls, resulting in more effective muscle development.

Contact Colt for more details or for training tips or see our YouTube channel Skullbellz TV for product demos:

Sold by the pair. Default color is matte black. Request any color you like at no additional cost! Just give us 5-7 days to manufacture your custom order. When you place your order, simply email us using the links below with your request.

Photos taken by Kendal Buak Photography (Instagram: @kendalbuakphoto).