Deltoid Desolator™ Custom Ezekiel Blend

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Now available in CUSTOM COLORS! Dream it up and we can probably cast it!

Ever seen that bodybuilder at the gym hogging two rope attachments on one cable to hit rear delts? That's me!

That's why I invented this extra-long rope attachment (48") which offers greater range of motion and more freedom, particularly on shoulder exercises such as face pulls and cable upright rows.

 The EZEKIEL SKULL is our own sculpted by design by a client and local artist Laurie Roy ( representing the theme and backstory behind SKULLBELLZ™. They are designed with more texture and even better grip than the original generic skull design we were using before. The back of the skulls read "MADE IN THE USA."

Currently available in ARMY GREEN, GOLD, RED, NAVY BLUE, and MATTE BLACK. Lots more colors and pictures coming soon! Follow us on IG @skullbellz / #skullbellz to see more.

Like before, the handles are made of liquid silicone rubber engineered for a superior grip, hand-poured into our own sculpted skull molds to give you a solid, easy grip so you will not be limited by your forearm strength; this allows you to more effectively target your back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, or whatever muscle group you're hitting.

Carabiner included to attach to any cable machine.

Don't see the color/shape you want? Email describing your custom order and we can usually ship them out in 3-5 business days!

Mix and match colors; it's YOURS.