7-Day Better Fit-Dad Challenge

One of the most EXCITING days in our lives is when Taylor and I found out we were pregnant with James (our firstborn).
But in the back of our minds were were like, "How the HELL are we gonna have the time to stay in shape???"
My fitness coach at the time taught me to get resourceful and find ways to stay healthy and rise up to the responsibilities of fatherhood.
We're so passionate about living and teaching this that we've created a 7-Day-Better-Fit-Dad Challenge: 7 Days to grow together in easy, practical fitness hacks to lead our families by example and connect better with our kids
*over $100 in prizes*
*one new health habit every day*
*total time investment to implement all these habits is only 7 minutes per day*
*coaching, community, and COMEDY!*
*live Facebook and Zoom (recorded)*
Whether you are "fit," or "no longer fit," you are welcome! Only rule is you have to have a kid!
Starts this upcoming Monday, July 12th!

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