Eating Disorder Emergency Meditation & Prayer


(A scriptural, Bible-based approach)

If you are overwhelmed with temptation to eat in a way that is destructive to your health, know you are not alone in this battle, and you have a Helper that is readily available to comfort you. All you have to do is ask Him.

First and foremost: Please get professional help. God has put the desire to be available to people, especially men, in my heart, because eating disorders are so shameful and easily hidden. Please call, text, or email me “HELP”—whatever is fastest for you. (206) 743-1346 / I will pray with you and offer advice on where to turn to. You have my word our conversation will be strictly confidential. I will even go to give you my time 100% free if necessary because this is such a serious issue that you must overcome. You may need accountability, you may have an underlying emotional issue (I’ve been there brother), or maybe there is a chemical imbalance that needs medical attention. Whatever the source, I’m your friend that has been through the darkest strongholds of binging and purging, and I’m here to help you because I love you.

Please print this document (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) and follow the steps below. You may do this by yourself, or I would be honored to walk you through this in person or over the phone.