E127 – Carnivore Fitness for Seniors, with Lucky Crim & Mark Ennis

Lucky Crim is a 60-year old CARNIVORE VETERAN!

  • 5 years
  • Endurance athlete
  • Up-and-coming bodybuilding competitor
  • FUN FACT: didn’t even start lifting until age 57!

IG: @luckyccrim

She also hosts “Carnivore Fitness Seniors 50+,” a private FB group dedicated to helping seniors live and look their best eating meat and salt.

Mark is another MEAT-BASED online coach who specializes in transforming women's health with the Carnivore Diet. After connecting in the "podcast world" we were SHOCKED at how similar we are in our approach to nutrition, beliefs, and purpose!

After getting to know each other over a Whats-App call to bounce ideas off of each other and help each other become better coaches, I realized how much his understanding of women's health far surpassed mine! We try to talk for an hour 4-5 times per week because as Proverbs 27:17 teaches, "Iron sharpens iron, and a man sharpens his friend's face." (Or perhaps more commonly translated "one man sharpens another") 

This gives me an opportunity to run questions about my clients that I want another set of eyes on their overall health, and Mark the opportunity to ask muscle and fat-loss questions (although I pull his opinion on those subjects often as well!) 

Furthermore, as of a couple months ago, Mark purchased his plane tickets to fly in for the NPC Northwest Championships here up the road in Auburn, WA this year--that's right--the same show as my wife Coach Taylor who will also be using the same meat-based competition prep I used for my shows in 2022. This just goes to show how incredible of a coach he is because he knows it's something that's going to inspire and help his clients around the same age see what they can change aesthetically when they implement the right nutrition and exercise lifestyle that is appropriate for them. 

Mark can be contacted for coaching applications and consultations through his website (CLICK HERE).

You can follow Mark's journey on Instagram @fitnessbeyondtime01 or listen to him coaching in action on our show:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths.” –Prov. 3:5-6 


00:25 Introductions & opening prayer (Proverbs 3:5-6)

09:24 Proving you do NOT need carbs to build muscle—even at 60!

04:11 Lucky summarizes her fitness journey since starting weight-training at age 57.

15:07 The danger of OVER-TRAINING.

17:04 Rotator cuff injuries and how to work around them.

23:54 Modifying overhead presses and behind the neck presses to avoid further rotator cuff tears.

28:56 Summary of Lucky’s current workout plan.

33:32 BLOOD FLOW RESTRICTION: A helpful tool when needed!

36:06 Lucky’s current macronutrients, meal plan, and current body composition trends.

39:20 Valuable lessons learned from OVERCOMING INJURIES.

40:42 “I’m STARVING!!!” How to identify how much additional food to consume when the hunger cravings attack!

47:02 Considerations for bodybuilders concerning how often they should be hungry, and how to adjust a contest prep accordingly.

48:52 MENTAL HEALTH: The real reason we all work out, and advice on how to continue working out without OVERTRAINING (active recovery).

54:02 PRIORITIZING YOUR HEALTH: Mark’s closing advice and #1 point of our talk; summary of changes to be made to Lucky’s diet and training moving forward!

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