12-Week Hypertrophy Transformation™

Would you like to look the way you did before quarantine, or even better? Our 12-Week Hypertrophy Transformation™ provides the coaching, accountability, nutrition, and resources to turn this vision of yours into a reality.  


“Everything in life is REPS, REPS, REPS.” -Arnold

About Us

Colt & Taylor Milton have dedicated themselves to their believed calling to coach beginners to radically transform their bodies and, inevitably, superset their lives by methods of simplified hypertrophy training and natural, meat-based nutrition protocol.

Colt is a certified personal trainer that has been coached by a professional natural bodybuilder who was awarded 3rd place in the world in Men’s Physique in 2018 to compete in 8 natural bodybuilding competitions throughout the US and Canada, nearly winning a professional title himself on multiple occasions. The experience has improved every area of his life to the point to where he has decided to put all of his personal goals on hold in order to:

  • teach bodybuilding (muscle hypertrophy) to novice lifters who were once in the same place as him.
  • coach full-time from home to support his children and work with his wife Taylor.
  • continue inventing unique, innovative workout equipment and franchise a classic bodybuilding gym chain to make hypertrophy training fun, effective, and sustainable.

“You should not be concerned with simply adding size for the sake of adding size, or in lifting heavy weights simply for the same of lifting heavy weights. You must have a purpose or a reason for your training and that reason should be tempered.”

–Steeve Reeves (legendary bodybuilder), Building the Classic Physique, the Natural Way, p.67

Your Transformation Program will have its foundation on hypertrophy—essentially the scientific term for bodybuilding—in which we will build upon the Four Pillars of aesthetics, strength, health, and ultimately purpose. Building your body is the gateway to superset your life.


  1. Training: Four (4) Progressive Phases of 3-Week Interactive Workout Plans designed to your genetics, experience, available equipment, and preferences. It’s we’re working out together every day 😊
    • 30-60 second demo videos of all exercises
    • Cardio is built into weight training in the form of supersets—our unique & signature approach
    • Warmup and cool-down cardio conditioning protocol
    • Progress tracking can be done on Microsoft Excel or by printing the documents
    • Full summary, description, and notes
  2. Nutrition: Four (4) Progressive Phases 3-Week Nutritional Plans designed to your metabolism, preferences, and lifestyle
    • Nourishing, healthy, and sustainable meat-based diet
    • Specified meal timing (may be strict or flexible, depending on your goals and schedule)
    • Detailed macronutrient breakdown for optimal lean muscle building and/or fat loss
    • Mild supplement recommendations (you will only need the few that actually work; your meat-based diet will supply all of the nutrients you need; never any steroids, fat burners, or performance enhancing drugs of any kind)
  3. Accountability: Twelve (12) weekly, reoccurring 15-minute progress/accountability check-ins at predetermined time
    • Answer your questions
    • Assess your mood, energy, and progress to adjust program as necessary
  4. Help: On-Call Support, whenever you need me 😊
    • Call or message me any time Monday through Saturday, until 8:00pm PST (unless you are for any reason having a desire to binge eat; if this happens, call me immediately)
    • Unlimited email, text, DM, phone, and/or video-chat access
  5. Flexibility: Short-term workout and meal plan adjustments for travel and special occasions
    • Consideration of social situations such as weddings, religious restrictions or holidays so you don’t ruin all the progress you’ve earned
    • Understanding of the possible limited equipment and/or food available
  6. VIP Day: One (1) VIP Startup Day, on or before the official start date of your program
    • You’re my VIP for an entire day and I’m yours!
    • In-person (or virtual if at a distance) workout, lunch, grocery shopping, and hanging out to get you started with a BANG!
    • Clarify all your questions and make sure you’re all ready to go




 All of our clients also enjoy member perks and gifts throughout the journey.

CLICK HERE to book your 15-minute Meet & Greet call with Coach Colt to discuss your goals and pricing options!

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  • GaPa

    Just happened to come across your blog as I was doing research. Keep reaching for the stars. You both look amazing and set a good example for many carnivore/ketovores out there.

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