Electrolyve | Celtic Sea Salt® Electrolyte Mix

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Electrolyve® Box of 30 packets

Our lemon Electrolyve® drink mix is the perfect combination to replenish essential electrolytes, vital minerals and trace elements to nourish, hydrate and detox the body, naturally powered by bioactive nutrients including electrolytes, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants to boost immunity.

Electrolyve® is the Ultimate Replenishment Electrolyte instant drink mix.

Nothing artificial, no sugar added

Electrolytes are basically salts and minerals to help conduct electrical impulses throughout the body. Their functions include energy generation; regulating the pH in our blood; controlling the fluid balance in the body which is very important for cells, joints, heart and muscle contraction and their regular functioning in general. They also facilitate almost every major biochemical reaction in the internal body.

Most people are dehydrated without being aware and without electrolytes; we can suffer terrible muscle cramps, nausea, fatigue, or worse. Water is not enough to restore the balance in our body's complex system; therefore, we also need to replenish the lost minerals and electrolytes. The all New Celtic Sea Salt® Electrolyve® is formulated with Celtic Sea Salt® boosting with beneficial recharge of Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium Bicarbonate. With an all-natural flavor from real lemons Electrolyve® tastes amazing and is designed for those that will be experiencing moderate or heavy sweat loss or just to enrich your water.

Celtic Sea Salt® electrolytes natural mix drink Electrolyve® is a newly enhanced formula with the perfect combination of essential electrolytes and vital minerals, ideal for deep hydration and body mineralization, leading to less muscle fatigue during exercise or daily performance. Research has shown that very few electrolyte companies use good salt or the right amount of salt and that's where Celtic Sea Salt® stands out as being the Sea Salt expert and as the number one Doctor Recommended Sea Salt company since 1976.

All of our raw ingredients are carefully selected for a wholesome, delicious and refreshing drink that will restore your body's electrolytes balance and have you feeling energized in no time! Electrolyve® is the perfect natural alternative to the sugary sports and electrolytes drinks - with no side effects.

Our life enhancing electrolyte drink mix is all natural and plant based powered by bioactive nutrients. - Absolutely No Sugar, Sweeteners or Artificial ingredients used!


  • Deep Organism Hydration- key to cell, nerves, heart and muscle functioning
  • Delicious, refreshing and nutritious with a natural blend of calcium and magnesium, sodium, potassium bicarbonate from Celtic Sea Salt and vitamin C from acerola (the richest Vitamin C plant) and lemon
  • Increase endurance and promote key nutrient replenishment for cold, flu, pre and post exercise or just a busy day
  • Practical! Mix them as you need them for everyday us
  • Help find vitality in cases of general fatigue and reduce lack of energy
  • Bio-energizing, detoxification & revitalization - non GMO - with real lemon flavor
  • Restore electrolytes after diarrhea or vomiting; helps body absorb and retain fluid for total hydration
  • No added chemicals to stay hydrated and perform at your best!
  • Full Body Hydration, Mineralization and Alkalization
  • Athletes looking to replenish electrolytes and rehydrate before, during or after working out for quicker muscle work recovery
  • Rehydrating and reducing joint pain and muscle soreness or cramps after workouts or just a plain busy day
  • Rehydrating after happy hour