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  00:00 Podcast and guest introductions for Clem & Alfred: Together, they have: Started and co-owned the Victory Get Fit Club gym in Federal Way, WA---First outdoor bootcamp in Puget sound Trained men and women award-winning professional fitness competitors —two pro car Produced and hosted their own bodybuilding competitions 4 years (my first time stepping on stage!) They are bodybuilding judges They run their own podcast and vlog “Unequally Yoked.” Alfred also: Owns the Ra’oof Realty Team (can find him on his Facebook page Alfred Ra’oof Realty) Recently at 47 years of age placed 4th in the WORLD at the...

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Colt and Taylor discuss what it means to SuperSet your life. 00:00 Introduction. 00:29 Inspirational quotes. "Balance" study referenced from The One Thing, by Gary Keller, p. 75. 02:18 How supersets enhance training and how we incorporate them in our programs. Superset study cited from “The Effect of an Upper-Body Agonist-Antagonist Resistance Training Protocol on Volume Load and Efficiency.” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, U.S. National Library of Medicine, https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20847705/. 13:53 Why we started supersetyourlife.com and processes involved; what our message is. Page listing referenced: https://supersetyourlife.com/blogs/superset-vision/superset-vision. 16:42 Skullbellz marketing & intellectual property. 17:34 Book referenced: The Power of Full...

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Laugh. Be encouraged. Learn something new. Informative and empowering, yet relaxed enough so you can go about your day while listening in on a raw, organic conversation with a new featured guest on a different topic every week. This is our mission for every episode we publish on the SUPERSETYOURLIFE.COM PODCAST.   If you're like most millennials (as well as older generations), for years you likely have been waking up and flipped through your podcast app on your phone looking for something to listen to while you get ready for the day, cook, exercise, or commute. Or in my case changing diapers...

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